Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The rest of 30 Days

I never do things the "normal" way, so I'm going to finish my 30 Days in this one post in pictures...

Day 15- Dream house

Day 16-  A song that makes you cry: I seriously couldn't think of one...

Day 17- An art piece
I love Frida Kahlo. That is all.

Day 18- My Wedding- When Cary & I finally get married for real, there will be no white dress or tux or even bridesmaids, but there will definitely be pretty vegan, gluten free cupcakes

Day 19- A talent of yours: I don't think I have any! Isn't that sad? Yes, it is very sad...

Day 20- A hobby
I'm not sure being an activist is a "hobby", but it's the closest thing I've got

Day 21- A recipe
I'm not sure it's really kosher that I'm posting a recipe from  Alicia Silverstone's book, but these are the best "rice krispy like" treats you will have

Day 22- A website
Your Daily Vegan
You know you want to check it out
Day 23- A YouTube video-
This is hilarious 

Day 24- Where you live
Vermont really is beautiful

Day 25 and Day 26- Your day and week in great detail- yeah, this would probably be boring so I'll save you from that

Day 27- Your worst habit
I tend to be very negative. It's always a work in progress for me

Day 28- What's in your purse/handbag
This isn't everything, but I do carry more of a messenger bag.
wallet, sunglasses, glasses, make-up bag, herbs, security card for work, hand sanitizer, pens, & a moleskine

Day 29 & 30- Hopes dreams & plans for the next year/ dream for the future
Yes, I think the picture pretty much says it all and is the whole reason for my blog 


Sidders said...

Of course you have a talent! Look at the great blog that you have created. Not everyone can do that you know. I'm sure you have many others, too. :-)

Kylee said...

Hey Michelle I remember a talent... you could take the papers from Stacy's office and organize them faster than anyone I know!!!

I want to tell you how much I LOVE your "DREAM" house... it's beautiful... I think that style would be at the top of my list as well... probably right underneath a Castle... LOL you have no idea how bad I want a friggin Castle... anyway this was kind of an interesting blog thingy... I liked it:)

S.I.F. said...

Those cupcakes are gorgeous!