Saturday, December 31, 2011

What a year

If there is one thing I keep hearing people say is that this year has been a year for many life changes. It is so true in my life as well.  It's a little overwhelming when I really think about it.  2011 started off on a sad note. C's step father passed away on New Years Day.  He is greatly missed and I so wish he could have met Sophia, but I think he looks after her. He is her guardian angel.  Some other changes in my life this past year:

This was happening in my belly!
I'm still in awe sometimes when I think about getting pregnant. It was such a crazy, amazing and often difficult experience, but I'd do it again and again for her.
Wow- look how big I was!

We got married!
Well, technically, this was the end of 2010, but oh well. It was still a big moment. Even though we've been together for about 12 years it was special. Even if it happened in our kitchen. :)

And then she arrived...


We also had a big loss in our family. We lost Tom and Lucy in a matter of days.  I miss them everyday and still sometimes wait for Lucy to come running down the stairs or Tom to greet me at the door.  I think I'm still dealing with that.

We miss you Tomcat

I still miss this crazy dog

Other 2011 adventures:

- We took a trip home (Sophia had her first plane ride!) and she got to meet her crazy family
- C got a new job with normal hours 
- I'm finally back at work full time (although I wish I could stay home with the baby)
- C had his surgery

What a crazy, sad, and wonderful year it has been. Here's hoping for a happy, healthy and maybe not so eventful 2012!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm leaving my baby with a total stranger

Starting tomorrow, Sophia will be going to a baby sitter all day.  It turns out I'm not dealing well with this.  This woman seems perfectly nice and capable and has been watching kids for 20 years, but this is my baby we're talking about. What if she doesn't get the attention she needs? What if she's scared because we're not there? What if this woman is really a psycho? Yeah, I may need a Valium tomorrow.

In other news, I found out why I've been feeling so horrible and my hair has been falling out. I have a severe vitamin d deficiency. It's pretty scary actually. It's difficult to get vitamin d as a vegan besides getting it from the sun.  So, I am taking a supplement and hoping it will help.

I really just need to get through this week and hopefully it will get easier. How can I leave this cutie with a stranger all day?