Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Call

We finally got "the call" on Wednesday.  It had me in such a panic that I had to medicate myself to calm down.   Everyone was right- the minute you stop thinking about it and even (in our case) giving up on it is when it happens and it totally catches you off guard.  We ended up not getting him that night, but went to meet him on Saturday.  T (we'll call him this since I can't share his name) is almost 2 years old, has a ridiculous amount of energy and is the cutest little boy I've ever seen. I wish I could post a picture of him.  C and I took him on a "date" to the park.  I chased and played with him all over the park.  I've never felt so old and out of shape! I might not need my gym membership with him around! For all he has been through, which I also cannot share, he seems pretty well adjusted. He is a typical little boy.  He was slowly getting attached to me and wouldn't go to C so much, but the foster mom he is with now said he is like that with her husband too.  On Sunday I went over to see him again, this time by myself.  He definitely remembered me.  We played trains and I watched him act like a lunatic running around. It was fun.  C and I decided that we definitely want him to come stay with us.  I'm scared out of my mind and hope we survive! Oddly enough, I'd be less scared of a newborn baby.  It seems though like with everything else having to do with this whole process we have to wait. I've left several messages with his social worker and the coordinator, but haven't heard back yet.  His foster mom he is with now called me today and basically said the same thing to me. She's been calling and leaving messages and hasn't heard from anyone either.  This is all just driving me crazy! So, like usual, we are sitting here waiting.  Waiting sucks...

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