Thursday, May 20, 2010

After the visit

Yesterday, the licensure came for our "home visit". It was the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. Let me tell you, I cleaned like I have never cleaned before for this visit! She was here for about 2 hours and only took 10 minutes tops actually doing the walk through of the house. When she first got here, she wanted all of us to sit at the kitchen table and talk. Lucy of course was barking and trying to jump and I don't think she was an animal person. Tomcat decided he needed to keep jumping on the kitchen counter or the table we were sitting at too. She probably thought we were a crazy zoo- which we are. Anyhow, she asked us a lot of questions about how we met and how long we'd been together, but then she wanted to know about our families and how and where we grew up. She was writing everything down as we talked. It was a bit unnerving. She asked C about his transitioning and didn't seem taken aback or offended by it at all. Living in Vermont has it's perks. All in all, I think it went pretty good and she was pretty nice too.

The next step is her calling our doctors/therapists, I guess to make sure we are not certifiable. After that she has to write up a report and will send our license in the mail. It will be good for 3 years and only 1 child. So, soon we will be licensed and I still have a very clean house!


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I know, right? This whole process is so crazy. I just want to say, are you sure you're going to give us a baby? :)