Saturday, July 2, 2011

31 Weeks

Here is this week's update:

- Both NST's and the ultrasound were fine. Sophia is still looking good. We saw her playing with her foot during the ultrasound and got a few good pics. Next week they will measure and get her weight again. Hopefully she's grown!

- We had our last hypnobirth class. I am so glad we took them. It has given me a totally new perspective on birth. I feel more positive and not quite as anxious about it. Having a c-section though I'm still a bit afraid of. I will hopefully have a private session with the teacher about that.

- I found a doula who works for free or donation and hopefully can meet with her this month. 

- I'm actually getting pretty excited about meeting Sophia! I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like. I'm trying to enjoy these last couple of months of pregnancy. It's a bit hard seeing as how uncomfortable and tired I am, but I'm trying. I know I will never be pregnant again, so maybe I'll try harder.

- Miss Sophia is on Cary's schedule somehow. She sleeps and doesn't move around much during the day, but come evening and all night, there is a party going on in my belly! Let's hope she doesn't keep this schedule once she is born.

Until next week...


Gina Penn said...

I know you must be tired but remember this blog is going to be what you turn to whenever you want to reminisce about your pregnancy after Sophia arrives. Write lots and take lots of pictures! For people like me that will never be pregnant, it's cool to live vicariously through someone else. Love and miss ya, girl!

Kylee said...

LOL she sleeps all day because you move around and it's like getting rocked for her... come night time when you are still she wakes up!!! LOL... I've had fun reading your blog and hope you continue to post your experiences after Sophia is born... I have to agree with a comment Gina made in her post about how it's cool to live vicariously through someone else's pregnancy... especially when you will probably never be pregnant yourself... I have something for Sophia that I'd like to send you after she's born so you will have to email or FB me your address...