Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week 5

I've been a bit MIA here on my blog and on Twitter and Facebook. I think I've just been processing everything.  It's strange that I've wanted to get pregnant for so long and now that I am, I'm scared out of my mind! Not that I regret it, I just think I never thought it would ever happen. I'm scared my little body won't be able to carry a baby, I'm scared of childbirth,  and I'm scared I won't be a good parent. I'm sure all of these things are normal feelings, at least I hope so. There are still days when it seems unreal. I am however having morning sickness, or all day sickness really. I've also been ridiculously tired. I've never been so tired all my life. I feel a little narcoleptic at work sometimes.  I'm entering my 5th week tomorrow and my first ultrasound is this Friday.  I am getting a little excited though. I bought a pregnancy journal and a prenatal yoga dvd yesterday. I need to start exercising a little.  I think that will make me feel a million times better.  So, I hope to not go MIA again on everyone. My goal is to at least post every week if not more.  I'll let everyone know how the ultrasound goes.

PS: We found out on New Years day that C's step-dad passed away. If you could keep him and his family in your thoughts/prayers it wold be much appreciated.


Kelly said...

Everything you are feeling is totally normal!


Heather said...

Congratulations!! Sorry I did not know before, but that is such good news!
Trust your body, it knows what it is doing. As the EFT phrase goes.. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

arohanui said...

All that "morning" sickness is a good sign :) Good luck with the scan on Friday!! Happy New Year!