Saturday, December 4, 2010


So I'm done with the Femara and have moved on to the OPK (ovulation predictor kit).  It is cycle day  11 and I'm anxiously awaiting to see that smiley face on the digital reader!  Because I worry too much and over think everything, I've been starting to doubt these overpriced OPK's. Are they truly accurate? Did I get a broken kit? Will I miss my LH surge and have to wait until the next cycle? I know I've read that a lot of you other infertile gals get an ultrasound to make sure there's an egg there waiting, right? Why hasn't my RE never done this?  Sometimes I think they're just out to get our money.  I know I need to stop stressing and relax because worrying will not help any.  Can anyone put my mind at ease? I am so paranoid...

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arohanui said...

Oh no! I hope reading my blog hasn't made you paranoid! I'm sure the kit will work just fine.

Can you ask for an USS and blood test to put your mind at rest? They aren't absolutely necessary if you are relying on your body's own LH surge (but they can give some peace of mind).

Good luck for seeing that smiley face very soon and I'll sprinkle some baby dust your way for success in this cycle!