Friday, September 24, 2010

Oh Sookie Sookie

TGIF! Today is day 13 of my 30 days: a fictional book.  I've decided to write about  a book, or in this case a series of books that I want to read. I love Sookie.  I loved her from the start and I'm not exactly sure why.  I love that she was never scared of Bill, loves her friends like family and tells it like it is.

I want this pretty boxed set

I have been wanting to read these for awhile now, but I've been a tad hesitant thinking they will ruin True Blood for me.  More than a few people I know who have read these, love the books and  find True Blood not as good as they once thought.  We haven't even watched season 3 of True Blood that just ended.  Such a dilemma.  I will probably read them anyway and end up liking them better, but isn't that always the case?


Anonymous said...

At first, I was one of those that felt the show didn't do the books justice...the books just have so much *more* to them. The show loves to go off on weird escapades that are only loosely based on the books, and that's frustrating.

But, by the end of season 3 of the show, I have been able to separate them in my head so that neither bothers me. I love them for their similarities, and can enjoy their differences, too. But I must say that the books are what I prefer. I'm excited for next summer's season, but more excited to read the next book. :)

/long winded comment

Michelle said...

I haven't read any books lately, so I think I'll go for these. I want to see season 3 so bad! We got rid of our cable a while back and the only shows I really miss watching are True Blood and Dexter. I guess I'll have to wait and maybe the books will fill the void...