Sunday, July 26, 2009

My clock will not be ignored anymore

It's true- it is now impossible for me to ignore my "biological clock" that everyone speaks of. Maybe I am just at the right age (33!) for it to be constantly nagging at me to reproduce. Whatever the reason, C and I have decided to try and have a baby. This blog is my way of getting all my thoughts and fears out there on my journey to motherhood and maybe share with family and friends. I'm sure this journey won't be easy, but most things worthwhile aren't anyway. The goal is to start trying around November or December. I wish it were a simple feat, but it isn't. We have to have a consultation with the infertility people at the hospital even though as far as I know I'm perfectly capable of getting preggers. I'm assuming we'll get a list of donors and their descriptions, etc. Do you ever wonder how honest some of these guys are though? It reminds me of the Friends episode when they find Joey's profile. Anyway, I think I'm going to have to take Clomid, which scares me a bit. I'll have to research it and see what I find out. So, this is the beginning; let's hope we all enjoy the ride!

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